Now that people are looking forward to getting out more please note that the access gates, particularly the one at the eastern end of the Playing field, should be shut properly at all times to stop cattle straying into the football area and beyond. Also, only authorised vehicles are allowed to enter the Playing field, usually for maintenance purposes, and the Bryn Deiliog gate should be kept free of obstructive parking at all times.

Please note the following extract from the ROSPA website:

Many Local Government and Police authorities have become increasingly concerned over the misuse of mini motors and other small powered vehicles. The Home Office has recently launched an initiative targeting the misuse of mini motorbikes – specifically seizing and crushing illegally ridden machines.

Off road – The only place it is legal to ride off road on a mini motorbike is on private land with the landowner’s permission. There have been cases where the landowner has been prosecuted following motorbike accidents on their sites, even when they had not given permission to ride.