Community Garden

Designed to bring the local community closer to nature and as an area for wildlife to thrive, Cae Deiliog is a Community Garden project that allows all Llanbedr residents to get involved with and to enjoy its natural peace and beauty. 

At the end of 2019, the opportunity arose for the Community Council to apply for funding to put towards a community project to bring the local community closer to nature. It was decided to develop a part of the current playing fields in to an area where wildlife could thrive and for local residents to relax and enjoy.

The area is divided in to three zones – a Maple tree woodland (blue on the map below), an orchard and butterfly garden (green on the map), and a wildflower meadow (yellow on the map). There is also a network of paths and areas to sit and enjoy.

A short History of the area and the Project

According to historic maps, Cae Deiliog is made up of two fields which were originally part of two farms. The first, Cae’r March was part of Tyddyn Pandy and the second, Cyfar Ganol was part of Pen-y-Bont. At the top of the fields, Bryn Deiliog was built, and the areas not used for the development – Cae Clwt y Rhos and Cae Ty are now used as a football field and play area. The areas are now managed by the Community Council and it was in this area that the Community Garden is now situated.

Making a start…

Early in 2020, council member Mr Goronwy Davies began making enquiries about creating a garden area full of flowers to attract butterflies.

Despite the challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, this area was completed by the end of the year and by the spring of 2021, it is bursting with a variety of wildflowers.

Throughout April, hedgerows were been planted using a mixture of indigenous hedgerow species to create a boundary between the football field and the newly developed area as well as to create a wildlife corridor through the field.

Two benches and a picnic table have also been positioned and have been in regular use by the public.

Since May 2021, Mr Goronwy Davies has taken a step back from  the project and at the moment, the project is in the care of the Community Council and a group of entheusiastic volunteers.

During July 2021, work began in the blue zone of the map, clearing bracken in preparation for planting the Maple trees later in the Autumn. The Maple trees will be a feast of colour throughout the Autumn, a beautiful area to spend time during September and October.

Alongside this, an orchard has been created in the green section of the map. The orchard includes varieties of apple trees and wild plums and other varieties which benefit insects and birds alike.

During Autumn 2021, wildflower seeds were sown by volunteers at Cae Deiliog and Daffodil bulbs were planted which were a sight to behold in the Spring.

The development of the Community Garden continues in 2022 …..