Airfield Access Road

This page is dedicated to matters about the proposed access road to the airfield and enterprise zone in Llanbedr and updates on the development are listed here chronologically.

November 2023 Update – Minutes of meeting to discuss traffic issues in Llanbedr.

March 2023 Update 

Email from Llanbedr Community Council to Lee Walters, Welsh Government, regarding recent developments. 

Response to the above from Welsh Government

Llanbedr Community Council Statement 

July 2015: Public meeting in Llanbedr Village Hall regarding the implications of improving access to the Airfield.

July 2015: Public meeting with Liz Saville-Roberts

December 2015: Meeting with YGC and Enterprise Zone representatives in the presence of Liz Saville Roberts MP and Dafydd Elis-Thomas AM.

April 2016: Exhibition in Village Hall attended by YGC, councillors and members of the public

May 2017: YGC submitted A496 Llanbedr Access Improvement Scheme – Pre-application consultation

As well as consulting with those directly impacted we also welcome feedback from the community in general on our proposal to construct a new road to the west of Llanbedr approximately 1.5 km in length.  The new road will diverge from the A496 north of Llanbedr close to the sewage treatment works and will head south to pass to the west of Llanbedr crossing over the Afon Artro and Mochras Road just to the east of the public car park off Mochras Road.  The road will then head roughly southwards to tie into the existing A496 close to Llwyn y Pin.

 August 2017: The Community Council responded to the plans in a submission to Snowdonia National Park Authority as follows:

Regarding Application NP5/62/399 Construction of New Road Llanbedr

In an emergency meeting held on the 3rd of August in order to discuss the above application, and a further meeting held 9.8.17 with a representative of SNPA,  I therefore  enclose the views of my Community Council subject to the outcome of both prior meetings..

I also enclose a plan of the route, with our reference to various comments noted and highlighted with a key reference.

Obviously with such a big project in hand a number of concerns arise, and need clarification.

We are in receipt of an e mail from one of the public concerned about the effect of the new road and its potential increase to the flood risk in the area.

It is of great importance that these issues are dealt with by the relevant Authority and also that the present tidal embankment is strengthened since there are some breach and weaknesses in it at present, due to lack of maintenance in the past.

It has been drawn to our attention that 2 areas near the site of development have been in the past used as rubbish dumps.

The first site is by the Cambrian Clearance Unit, used to be part of the MOD, but with little knowledge of the site. There is a need of further research into its past usage.

The other site is the present parking area at Shell Island Road.  In ownership of Cyngor Gwynedd, Cyngor Deudraeth at the time.  Made into a parking/picnic area in 1961.  Had been closed for dumping as a Local Board years before.

The Community Council from the start have been expressing the need for roundabouts on this planned route, but nothing has emerged from this.  At the beginning of consultations we suggested 3 roundabouts in all.  But find that no roundabouts are included in the plans. This is a disappointment, and we realise according to WELTAG report that more agricultural land would be used. But is there a slim possibility to consider “mini roundabouts” here?

But for safety reasons – as in the Dolgellau by pass, and now they have put roundabouts in place, but too late for some, unfortunately.

There are reasonable debates for having roundabouts on this route:-

  1. It gives people the choice of where to go.
  2. Of course road safety issues – and slowing traffic down.
  1. Can lower noise levels, and again ease traffic as it moves through the Village of Dyffryn Ardudwy, so that it does not form a bottle neck at this Village.
  2. Safeguarding local businesses, which is a must.

If there is no provision for roundabouts, small or large at either end of road, then filter lane is a must, for safety issues.

If no provisions for roundabouts are considered is it possible to re consider the option of changing the priority of road junctions, and have T junctions directing traffic to the new road at both ends of the Village?

It is vital that these are addressed for safety reasons.

It is of great importance to have speed restrictions in place on the new road. 30 mph or 40 mph at most. And 20 mph through the centre of the Village.

In order to attract visitors to Llanbedr we need appropriate signage, of all amenities, from listed buildings, walks, mountains and lakes, local businesses.  We would like to be informed and be part of the construction debates regarding signage, so that our input will be taken into account.

This is another major factor that the Community Council have addressed.  At the moment there are a few parking spaces on the side of the road, and with the courtesy of Victoria Hotel can use their limited car parking facilities. Would like to see this issue being addressed and have highlighted areas on the attached plan for consideration.

New matters arising

1.Mochras Road and access path

The Community Council would be grateful if these issues could be addressed:-

That seasonal traffic lights are in place on the Mochras road. (– entrance junction to new road)

WHY? With the traffic flow to and from the Island dependant on the tide, there are on some occasions heavy flows of traffic coming from the Island, together, thus causing a high demand of traffic needing access to the new road.  Also the gradient of road is steep here.

Another factor to consider is the close proximity of the railway crossing at Talwrn Bach to the new proposed road.  This in itself can be a potential hazard when an influx of traffic from Mochras form a large convoy (due to tidal movement) and wish to enter the new road, thus forming a back log queue down towards the Crossing.

2.Need to extend the footpath from Talwrn Bach to meet the existing pavement by the Llanbedr Bridge at the Village.

  1. Also there are no apparent measures to improve road safety from Talwrn Bach Crossing down towards Mochras and the Airfield.  Every Friday evening ATC members walk from the train at Talwrn Bach to their venue opposite the Airfield.  Tourists also use the train service to commute to Llanbedr, to Mochras from Birmingham area.

There is also the need to facilitate transport and sustainable travel from places such as London, Birmingham to and from Llanbedr and its Enterprise Zone, thus encouraging work and visiting the area.  Thus the importance of extending the path from railway crossing.

  1. The need for improvement and extension of footpath, along side of road to lead from Pensarn to the Village.  Dangerous at present. (In view of the Christian Centre at Pensarn and Bryn Moel)
  2. Lighting by Talwrn Bach – dark sky area.
  3.  From observing the plan, it has become apparent that there are many smaller entrances into private properties, and Cambrian Clearance and Knight Movers – at the Southern End.  This in itself can prove dangerous, with fast moving vehicles on the new road.
  4. Need to consider the effect on users of the coastal path – in respect of noise and speed of traffic on the new road whilst planning the improvement to the coastal path route.
  5. It became apparent in our meeting of 9.8.17 that the access road North of the Village is a NO RIGHT TURN into the Village (from Barmouth side).  This is not acceptable, because if motorist fail to enter the Village from the southern side, they are most likely to carry on through to the next Village.  Thus Llanbedr losing valuable customers and business. It is also unacceptable for a haulage business in near proximity to the junction in question.
  6. Pleased to see that the issue of Japanese knotweed is  being tackled, due to its abundance near the picnic area on Mochras road.

Although we as Community Council are in favour of the new road to facilitate traffic, we also need a lively lived in Village, prosperous, an area for growth and an area to invest in, and would very much appreciate that some of these issues raised will be taken into consideration, in order to achieve the best for Llanbedr, and what we have been waiting for the past 60 years..

These are the Community Council’s considered suggestions following lengthy discussions with County Council officers, but hopefully their consideration can be left open for the time being, in case further issues arise or further developments, and the need to raise such matters with the SNPA closer to the final date of completion. They are essentially a key to the Community Council’s supporting the proposed plans.

With these comments in mind, and although some issues are not probably related to Planning the Community Council needed to point them out in view of  a wider picture for the well being of Llanbedr and surrounding areas.

September 2018: Plan approved by Snowdonia National Park Authority.

October 2020: The Welsh Government awards £7 million towards the Llanbedr airfield access road.

 August 2021: To be updated…