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Llanbedr Community Council meets monthly to discuss and decide matters affecting all village residents. Subjects include:

  • Village Hall
  • Playing Field
  • the Cemetery
  • roads and public footpaths
  • planning applications
  • any matter raised by a councillor

The charity Canolfan Gymdeithasol Llanbedr takes responsibility for the Village Hall and Playing Field

 Covid 19

Arrangements and risk assessment (issued September 2020):

Council meeting; general; use of Hall


Community Council Members :

 Gruffydd Price (Chairman), Kevin Titley, Eirwyn Thomas (Vice Chairman), Helen Johns, Caroline Evans, Iolyn Jones, Robin Ward, Ian Morris.




Aelodau Cyngor Cymuned Llanbedr



Name                         Contact                                                              Post or Committee

Kevin Titley               01341 241632                                               Llywodraethwr Ysgol Gynradd Llanbedr,

                                                                                                                             Grŵp Huchenfeld, Gŵyl Gwrw, Canolfan Gymdeithasol.


Robin Ward                                                                                Gŵyl Gwrw

Iolyn Jones              01341241391                                                       HAL, Un Llais Cymru, Prosiect Llwybrau, Canolfan Gymdeithasol

Eirwyn Thomas       01341 241 301                                                           Gŵyl Gwrw, Un Llais Cymru, Canolfan Gymdeithasol

Caroline Evans       01341241826                                                        Gŵyl Gwrw, Prosiect Llwybrau , Canolfan Gymdeithasol

Gruffydd Price        01341241224                                                                            Prosiect Llwybrau, Canolfan Gymdeithasol

Helen Johns          01341 241 617                                                     Grŵp Huchenfeld, Canolfan Gymdeithasol



Council Clerk: Morfudd Lloyd -

Morfudd Wyn Lloyd

Tyddyn Hendre



LL45 2PL

Tel. 01341241 645




Associate officers:

Annwen Hughes (Gwynedd County Council)

Eirwyn Thomas (Website Editor)                                          



List of Llanbedr Community Council’s Policies

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Local resolutions

Standing orders

 Financial rules

Code of conduct

Freedom of information



Cyngor Cymuned Llanbedr is committed to taking positive steps to promote and sustain equal opportunities amongst its Councillors,  staff, and volunteers and in the services it provides and the grants it distributes. The Council seeks to promote this policy in order to achieve this end. The responsibility for implementing this policy will lie with the Clerk. Staff will be employed on the basis of their individual ability and aspiration. All of this will be regardless of; 
(a) Gender
(b) Marital status
(c) Sexual orientation
(d) Colour or race
(e) Ethnic origin and Nationality
(f) Age
(g) Political beliefs
(h) Religion
(i) Disability.

The Community Council wholeheartedly accepts, therefore, the statuary requirements laid down in the  Sex Discrimination Act 1975 Race Relations Act 1976 Equal pay Act 1970 and the  Disability Discrimination Act 1995 & 2004 which make it unlawful for an employee to discriminate or to treat an individual differently on the grounds of  (a)  to (i) above.




Making a request for information

Make a request online or phone the Clerk providing your name and address and details of the information you want to see.

  • Tel: 01341 241645

We will acknowledge your request as soon as we can. If your request is unclear in any way, we will contact you to discuss your requirements. 

We have up to 20 working days following the date we receive your request. If we need to ask you for clarification of the request, the 20 working day period does not start until that is received.

If we need to extend the timescale (in order to consider certain exemptions), we will inform you of this and indicate by when you should receive a response.

We are not obliged to comply with repeated or vexatious requests nor with requests that exceed the costs limit (see below).

Furthermore, your request will be refused if any of the exemptions contained in the Freedom of Information Act apply. If your request is refused, our reply will identify which exemption we are relying on and why.

If you express a preference for receiving a copy of the information requested, or for being given the opportunity to inspect records containing the information, we will seek to accommodate your request as long as reasonably practicable.

When making your request for information, please identify how you would like to receive the information.

The majority of requests will be handled without charge.

However, if it is likely to take more than 2.5 days to find, sort and edit material (£450, calculated at  £25 an hour) then we need not comply with the request.

In such circumstances, we will contact you to discuss your request and ask you to modify it e.g. by asking for less information. This is aimed at bringing your request beneath the fees threshold. If you are unable to do this we may not be able to answer your request.

If you are unhappy with the response, you should contact the individual who has been named in your reply. He/she will conduct an internal review by reconsidering your request and will either uphold, reject or partly uphold the original decision.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of the internal review you may appeal to the Information Commissioner. One of the Commissioner's officers will then be assigned to deal with your case.


You can see any type of information held by the Council, although there are  exemptions for information of a confidential or sensitive nature.



 The Community Council has decided to keep the precept for 2019 unchanged from the previous year's amount.

The Community Council has decided to increase the precept for 2020.


Community Council meeting AGENDAS:



 July ; September ; October ; November ; December ;


 February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; September ; October ; November ; December


January ; February ; March (postponed to 8/03/17); April ; May ; June ; July ; September ; October ; November ; December


February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; September ; October ; November ; December


February ; March ; cancelled (covid-19) ; October ; November ; December


January ; February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; August ; October ; November ; December


January ; February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; August - no meeting ; September, October, November


Translated minutes:



June ; July ; September ; October ; November ; December ;


 January ; February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; September ; October ; November ; December


January ; February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; September ; October ; November ; December


January , planning applications ; February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; September ; October ; November ; December


January ; February ; March ; September ; October ; November ; December


January ; February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; August ; September - No meeting ; October ; November ; December


January ; February ; March ; April ; May ; June ; July ; August - No meeting : September (draft), October



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Special meeting of Community Council to discuss the proposed Capel Moriah development 22.3.19.

 – Application NP5/62/LB1 29A. 

Listed building consent to remove  the pews from the chapel, changing the boiler room to a W.C and shower with new rooflights added, demolish part rear wall to Tŷ Capel and erect a single storey extension with slate roof with 4 rooflights, to comprise shower room, two W.C and kitchen, add en suite to bedroom 2 and new access and footpaths within existing wall adjoining Tŷ Capel and Festri.

Llanbedr Community Council is a Statutory Consultee when applications for planning permission are made for developments in the Community Council area that require approval from the Snowdonia National Park Authority (the local planning authority for Llanbedr).  The Community Council can only object to applications or make specific recommendations based on the planning issues and principles that are raised by the particular application.  This is how the law of planning development control is framed.

Therefore this was the statement to the planning authority  on behalf of the Community Council–

The Community Council have no objection to this proposed application.  The use of the chapel building as a mosque is not relevant to our comments as no change of use from the current use as a place of worship is proposed.  We do have significant concerns about parking issues, but understand that this may not be a relevant planning issue.  Parking on the main road in Llanbedr already leads to serious congestion at peak times and having any extra parking will make matters worse.  We would also ask that the proposed signage includes the Welsh ‘Mosg a chanolfan fyfyrdod’ as well as ‘Mosque and Meditation Centre’ and ‘Jamia Almaarif’.

The planning application was approved by Snowdonia National Park Authority.

On 7 December 2019, the Community Council was informed that the sale of the Chapel in respect of the above proposal has been terminated.